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5 Etiquettes to Learn Proper Ways to Give Gifts

5 Etiquettes to Learn Proper Ways to Give Gifts

Gifting is a beautiful experience only when followed by appropriate gifting etiquette. Learn significant ways to give gifts that make gifting fun for the giver and receiver.

Gift-giving is an art. It involves deep thoughts, meaningful selection, and creative presentation. At the same time, understanding the proper ways to give gifts is extremely important to make the gifting experience wholesome for the sender and recipient alike.

If you know the best way to give gifts, you can rule the recipient’s heart. In this post, we are going to discuss the etiquette of gift-giving in detail. Some simple gestures considered while giving gifts leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Consequently, the practice of gift-giving in a proper manner:

  • Strengthens relationships with the recipient
  • Builds new relationships with new neighbors, colleagues, etc.
  • Expresses gratitude sincerely
  • Makes others feel special
  • Reflects your mannerism

strengthen a relationship

With the commencement of the festive season in India, it is the ideal time to learn the etiquette for gift giving. It ensures you don’t offend or embarrass someone through your gift or the way of giving a gift. To be a humble gift giver you must master the game of – 

  • What to gift and to whom and when? 
  • What to say when giving a gift to a friend, family, or official contact?
  • How to gift?
  • What should be avoided as a gift? 

For example, people avoid gifting umbrellas in China as it depicts the desire to end relationships with the recipient in Chinese culture.

Before we hop on to discover what is the proper way to give gifts, let us know what should be avoided at every cost. And that one thing is thinking that the gift is about you. It is a big no-no.

  • What do you like?
  • What interests you?
  • What matches your status?
  • What impresses you? 

Nothing matters because it is not you who are receiving the gift but giving a gift. Your perspective should be to make the recipient’s gifting experience unforgettable with something that rejoices him/her.

And now is the time to delve into finding creative and proper ways to give gifts to your loved ones on their special days or just for a casual meeting.

5 etiquettes to learn proper ways to give gifts

Giving gifts to your special ones is an urge, not an obligation. Thus, you need to be courteous throughout the process of giving gifts. Right from selection to gift wrapping and handing over the gift to the recipient – every step should be taken in the best interest of the recipient. Mentioned below are some of the best ways to give gifts. Let us explore.

1. Be attentive. Listen. Respect.

Be careful about what recipients talks about. Is there anything they are passionate about or want to buy for themselves? You can grab this opportunity to gift them what they want. Besides, respect their sentiments if they insist on not buying them a gift. There could be multiple reasons behind that thought and you should accept their request. Instead, you could get the following: 

  • Delicious snacks while visiting their home 
  • Toys for their kids 
  • Ask them out for coffee or tea
  • Create a meaningful DIY gift like a photo frame or handmade card


2. Don’t give self-improvement gifts

It can be insulting for recipients to give them self-improvement gifts. These include skipping rope, books on personal development, makeup tutorial subscription, and much more. Remember gifting is a way to make others feel special and happy. Anything that goes as free advice to them could be embarrassing.

Don’t give self-improvement gifts

3. Ensure wrapping the present properly

Giving an unwrapped gift does not give a good impression. Always wrap your gift appropriately and beautifully to augment the gifting experience. Try using sustainable or upcycled wrapping paper to be a thoughtful gift giver while minimizing the environmental impact. Bedeck the gift wrap by adding natural ribbons like a jute string or a natural flower stick.

Remember to avoid wrapping gifts in white or black colored paper and ribbon, especially when gifting in India. These two colors and flowers like frangipani are considered inauspicious in India and are avoided for celebrations.


4. Smile and share your greetings verbally while giving a gift

Delight your recipients by giving them gifts with a smiling face and sharing best wishes verbally. Shake hands or hug each other depending on the kind of bond you share with the recipient. Such gestures amplify the joy of gifting for both. It also depicts your gratitude for the recipient and thus it is one of the best gifting practices.


5. Don’t show off, respect the recipient’s financial condition

Even if you are fortunate enough to buy anything you want, make sure to not gift something overly extravagant to a recipient who cannot afford it. The value of a gift lies in your feelings and emotions and not the price tags. Whether intentionally or unintentionally the recipient should not be made to feel less privileged through your gift.


Adhere to the aforementioned rules of gifting to keep it all positive and healthy. The recipient would be glad to receive a gift from you if given by keeping these etiquettes in mind.

Ekta Goyal

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