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How Adult Children Can Make Their Parents Happy?

How Adult Children Can Make Their Parents Happy?

Learn some easy and simple hacks to make your parents happy. Be responsible children to make your parents feel loved and cared for. Keep them happy always.

Parents are our forever caretakers. They never get tired of making us happy no matter what. As our own funny clown at childhood birthday parties, a constant mentor before, while, and post schooling, financial and emotional support, and sometimes partners in crime too – parents play different roles in our lives and make them much more beautiful.

But, we as their children, sometimes get off track and turn rebellious at a certain age. Especially, when we step into our adulthood. Behavioral changes, hormonal changes, exposure to new ideas and information, everything fuels our rebellious thoughts. However, it is just a matter of time and we pass through it as we age. The one thing that we should never forget is to make our parents happy.

Being rebellious is not an alien thing even our parents had been through the same kind of emotions and experiences during their early adulthood times. So they understand us somewhere. But parents being parents be always parents 😛

Parent-children zigzag equation

Owing to a rich life experience, our parents warn us about various things which we secretly could not resist. For example, late night outings, that urge of being a free spirit all the time, not being accountable for our actions, and peer pressure to booze and smoke. Everything seems so exciting, right? It is because we only feel the fun side and our parents know the repercussions. This difference comes with the age difference.

Despite opinion and generation differences our parents never leave us in the middle way. They secretly back us when we get into the doldrums. Giving us everything without expecting anything in return is just parents’ thing. However, it is a universal fact that we all want our family with us – laughing, drinking, eating, celebrating, and living together. So, we all should align our efforts toward making each other happy. Actually, making our parents the happiest.

Easy hacks to make your parents happy

Though making parents happy is not a tough row to hoe, be consistent, thoughtful, and empathetic. Parents get happy with the smallest of gestures, however, children sometimes don’t even try that much. So here are some simple tips on how you can make parents happy. Let us explore:

Wake up early – The easiest and the sure shot technique 😛

It may be quite tough for you but all your parents need to be happy is to see their children getting up early in the morning. (Pun intended)

Well, our serious tips are also easy to follow. Here we go:

1. Relish happy moments together

Relish happy moments together

                                                        Happy Moment With Family

Spending time with your old parents elates them the most. Whether staying together or away, spare some quality time for them and rejoice in the childhood memories once again. Share poor jokes, listen to their concerns, assist them to be active on Instagram, or just laugh out loud together – that’s all to make them happy and they will be living some of the best moments of their lives in those hours.

2. Make them savor the sweetness of love through sumptuous meals

Cooking Food

                                                         Cooking Food for Parents

Nothing like cooking a meal for them with your own hands. Take a day off your hectic routine and serve them their favorite breakfast platter prepared by you. Or plan a fine dining date with your mom and dad to treat their taste buds with mouth-watering cuisines. Remember what matters the most there are your emotions that will add extra flavors to the food.

3. Being respectful to your parents does not cost a penny

Respecting your parents

                                                           Respecting your parents

Treating someone with respect is the ultimate expression of love and care. And you know your parents deserve it the most. Be polite and courteous toward them and appreciate their affection and efforts. Avoid getting into heated arguments as you may just say and forget but they may feel hurt. Handle such vulnerable situations more cautiously with parents as the worst feeling one can ever have is hurting one’s parents.

4. Surprise them with a meaningful gift made especially for them

Surprising gift for old parents

                                                      Surprising gift for old parents

It is illegal to forget your parents’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s day, and Father’s Day. These special occasions are the perfect events to make them happy with a surprise gift. Particularly a personalized gift that reflects your love and endearment is the most precious present for them. They would feel extremely delighted on receiving a heartwarming gift from their beloved child. And it will surely make their special day unforgettable. Go for a keepsake engraved with their names or photographs. You can choose a personalized photo frame, photo album, necklace, bracelet, wallet, clutch, and much more.

Involve them in decision making

Whether shopping online or dating someone or planning to move abroad for studies or a job, make your parents a part of all minor and major decisions of your life. They bring in a wholesome experience and well wishes for your endeavors. There is only one thing that parents can never do and i.e. to have wrong intentions for their children. So whatever they would advise would be for your own good. Moreover, they feel valued and admired when asked for their take on important milestone decisions of your life.

That’s that.

All things are easy to keep your parents happy and fill their hearts with love.

Parents are a treasure, take the best care of them. They are irreplaceable.

If you have another trick to share with us, please comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Ravi Kant

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