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Find 6 Innovative Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Find 6 Innovative Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Check out corporate gifts for your employees this Diwali. Here are the best Diwali gift ideas within budget to make your employees feel valued and happy.

Diwali is a festival we all have been crazy about since our childhood. And now that we have grown into working adults, we still feel excited about Diwali every year. This festival of lights, togetherness, and amusement is a special occasion to celebrate both at home and office. The corporate Diwali celebration comes as a respite from the hectic work life at the office. Fun, food, music, games, and gifts pump up the festive vibes. It’s time to explore unique Diwali gift ideas for employees this year. The festival is just a month away and you better buck up to plan for a thoughtful Diwali celebration at your workplace.

Searching for Diwali gifts every year could be monotonous, leaving you with no new option in mind. Are you also bored of gifting those assorted sweets boxes, glassware sets, insulated flasks, and lunch boxes to your staff? Then scroll down and get some novel and interesting Diwali gift ideas for employees. All the suggestions mentioned in this article are budget-friendly and suitable for workforces with different tastes and preferences.

6 Innovative Corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees under 5000

Here are some striking Diwali gift ideas for staff members that you can consider in 2022. These are also suitable for your other corporate associates like vendors, business partners, and outsourced communities.

1. Eco-friendly desk accessories

Ditch the usual and embrace innovation. Be thoughtful while choosing Diwali gifts for employees so they can relish what they receive from you. Gifting a collection of eco-friendly desk accessories is a great idea. A plantable desk calendar, upcycled pen holder, wood-cover day planner, eco seed pens, and recycled newspaper pencils – all clubbed in a gift pack would make an amazing Diwali gift idea for employees.


(Image credit: Sowandgrow)

2. Delectable premium gourmet gifts

Not a box of sweets but a beautiful basket of salted dry fruits, assorted seeds, crafted cookies, handmade chocolates, or cakes are awesome gourmet gift ideas. Make your employees feel valued by gifting them healthy and delicious desserts and savories. The festival celebration is incomplete without delectable treats so include something exotic instead of regular eatery options.

Bonus tip: Adding refreshing and chilled crafted beer would oodles the festive mood.



3. Green gifts for home and office

The world is going green, you should join too. Embrace green gifting this Diwali and elate your employees with a special Diwali gift with myriad health benefits. You can find an extensive range of green Diwali gifts for employees online and offline. How about gifting indoor plants and sampling? Explore indoor gifting plants like succulents, bonsai trees, lucky bamboo, jade, pathos, areca palm, and many others. These natural Diwali gifts offer much more than enhancing the interiors of your premises. Indoor plants give you oxygen, purify the air, and a sense of calmness. Besides, many of them are Feng Shui plants attracting positivity and good luck.


4. Handcrafted scented candles gift combo

You would be delighted to discover a phenomenal collection of intriguing candles with mesmeric fragrances. Handmade scented candles are luxe gifts for employees and even for friends and family. You can go for organic wax candles in coconut shells, jars, glass, and wooden molds. Scented candle gift hampers would be a holistic package of aroma therapy for your workforce. Depicting enticing visual appeal and captivating fragrance of natural flowers, handmade candles are special gifts to amuse employees.


5. Classy hydration pack

Encourage your employees to stay hydrated and healthy with a stunning gift pack. Add a classy water bottle, mug, steel straw, and premium green tea teabags – and you are all set to gift a wonderful Diwali gift pack to your employees. You can induce a personal touch to the gift inclusive through personalization. Engrave employees’ names on bottles or mugs and let them take home a forever keepsake as their Diwali gift.


(Image credit: Travelandleisure)

6. Bonus or sponsored gifts

Nothing is better than giving monetary gifts to employees on Diwali. It allows them to spend that amount at their convenience. On the other hand, buying a subscription to an OTT platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, SonyLive, Voot, and Hotstar can also be a good option. You can conduct a random poll a few weeks before Diwali to identify which platforms are being used in the majority. Get one month or more (depending on your budget) subscription to preferred platforms as a gift to employees.


(Image credit: Socialketchup)

Apart from the six aforementioned Diwali gift ideas for employees, you can also consider gifting – organic personal care gift hampers, bamboo gifts, online gift vouchers, and personalized photo frames for desks.

Try these options this Diwali and tell us how your employees reacted to such innovative gift ideas.

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