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7 Best Nutritious Fruits for Dogs That Are Safe To Feed

7 Best Nutritious Fruits for Dogs That Are Safe To Feed

Fruits can be safely eaten by Dogs without affecting their health. We have enlisted 7 fruits you should try for your pets. Read now!

Humans and dogs are akin to going gaga for the sumptuous platter of deliciously juicy fruits. Laden with nutrition, antioxidants, and vitamins, fruits are the healthiest treats to satiate those mid-day food cravings. While humans can savor any fruit they like, they need to be cautious while sharing them with pets. In this article, we will dive deep to know about the best fruits that are safe for dogs.

You have to agree with us on this – every time you eat a fruit platter, your beloved dog comes running to you to get a slice. Those jumping paws, big puppy eyes, wagging tail requesting silently – Mom, pawlease let me have a chunk from your plate. Enough to melt your heart, yeah? However, you simultaneously deal with myriad questions within. Can my dog eat fruits? Are fruits safe for him/her? What if my fur baby could not digest it? Which fruit should I feed him/her and what should be the portion? What is the best and safest fruit for my dog?

The dilemma is obvious but hey there, your dog is waiting to have a slice of your fruit salad.

Go ahead and give him/her watermelon, apples, mangoes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, peaches, pears, pineapple, cranberries, and kiwi. Your four-legged kid can have these fruits as a guerdon for being such a pawesome pet son or daughter. Yes, your dog can safely eat these best crunchy fruits.

Balanced diet + Healthy snacks = Happy Puppy (perfect equation)

Dogs are foodies. All they wish for apart from your company is continuous jaw exercise (obviously munching on tasty food). Elate your fur baby with some fresh fruits chopped into small pieces. Here is a list of the 7 best fruits for your dog which you can feed them as well. These fruits may add nutritious value to your pooch’s diet while treating their taste buds.

1. Watermelon is healthy for dogs

A water ball loaded with vitamins, potassium & antioxidants.

92% water component and richness of vitamin C, A, B1 & B6, and potassium help dogs stay hydrated and healthy in burning summers. Watermelon works wonder to promote the smooth functioning of nerves and muscles in canines.


                                                 Water Melon for Dogs

2. Apple is as good for dogs as for humans

A crunchy amalgamation of calcium, fiber, Vitamin A & C & many nutrients.

2 slices of an apple a day, keep your canine full of joy. Low in proteins and high on antioxidants, phosphorus, apple helps repair cells and is excellent for senior dogs.


                                                   Apple Fruit for Dogs

3. Dogs can eat Mango

King of fruits that rules the heart of dogs.

Enriched with flavor, carotenoids, potassium, and Vitamin C, E, A, and B6, mangoes top the list of your pet’s favorite fruits.


                                              Mango fruits for dogs

4. Banana is good for dogs, just keep the portions small

Superfruit with an abundance of potassium, Vitamin C & B6, and fiber.

Usually available in every household, a banana is great for promoting healthy digestion and muscle functioning in dogs. It is a handy treat for fur babies at home and on the go.


                                             Banana Fruits For Dogs

5. Can your dog eat Pear? Absolutely, YES!

A treat of vitamins and minerals.

Packed with magnesium, calcium, dietary fiber, and potassium alongside Vitamin K, C, and A. It is a safe and magical source to keep your pooch’s digestive system healthy.


                                                           Pear Fruits for Dogs

6. Kiwi is nutritious for dogs

Kiwi is ‘All things healthy’

This exotic sweet and sour fruit is a must-must for your dog. Kiwi is a brilliant source of antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin C, potassium, and plentiful nutrients. From repairing damaged cells to improving blood circulation, maintaining healthy skin, and fighting cancer, this immunity booster is key to keeping your pet super healthy.


                                                          Kiwi for Dogs

7. Some Berries that your dog can eat

Splash of colors, tastes, and nutrition in canine’s diet.

Your furry baby would thank you berry much for serving delectable cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. These 4 types of berries are safe to consume for dogs. They are a powerhouse of antioxidants, Vitamin C & K, and several minerals including magnesium and potassium. Besides, these sweet and tangy juicy fruits with low levels of sugar and calories also have anti-inflammatory properties. They improve dogs’ immunity while deterring the risks of cancer and arthritis, heart ailments, and digestive problems.


                                                 Berries fruits for your dogs

A pawesome tip to thank us later

Prepare smoothalicious recipes of fruits blended in yogurt or coconut water. Of course, add the best fruits that your dog can eat. Freeze and feed as luscious pup-sickles or smoothies and express your love for the ones who love you unconditionally. Your pet baby will not stop lickissing you for this.

Fruits are treats for pets if treated properly

Ensure serving fresh fruits in small portions between those two meals. Remember to remove seeds, skin, peel, leaves, and other hard-to-digest parts that could turn out toxic and hazardous for your dogs. This may lead to serious health issues such as digestive blockage, choking, vomiting, etc. Avoid sugary or canned fruits with preservatives as they are harmful food for dogs.

Remember: Sugar-coated food and people are just not the dog’s things.

Ekta Goyal

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